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If you could only See how Blue her Eyes can be

Love certainly can kill people, but hatred can never save them.

15 August 1987
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Too lazy to type up a decent bio. One day I'll sit down and put my heart fully into it. To make it simple if you want to get to know me, just read the posts. Sometimes they may not be to your liking, sometimes they're happy, sometimes they're angsty, sometimes they're random and most of the time they're about video games. I hardly update but if I need to vent or type excitedly with glee I'll throw one down. Maybe in the future I'll write more for people that want to catch up if they already know me or chat once in a while if you want to get to know me due to similar interests or attraction to personalities.

Also I wanted to make note of this, you can't say I didn't write it down, so if you didn't read it >( it is your own damn fault so quit bitching:

98% of the icons I have saved are not mine. A lot of them are from friends and other users who put their time into them. I have credited them all and those I have not have been marked as Unknown. Should you be the rightful owner and I have mis-credited you, please send me a comment with a link to the original post of your work as proof so you can be properly credited.